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Telugu DMF Press Note

Milestone Moment!

"Telugu Digital Media Federation" is Formed - Let's Unite Telugu Content Creators of All Spheres Globally.

Padma Vibhushan Megastar Chiranjeevi inaugurates 'Telugu Digital Media Federation', the Telugu digital expression, along with Telangana's Information & Public Relations Minister Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy.

Minister Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy garu launches TeluguDMF Website

Hyderabad, March 11, 2024: Telugu Digital Media Federation (TeluguDMF) proudly heralds its official inauguration, with the federation's website, '' launched by Megastar Chiranjeevi, unveiling a new era in the digital age, a first-of-its-kind web for all the

Telugu creators across the globe. At the same time, I&PR, Revenue & Housing Minister of Telangana, Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy inaugurated the logo and welcome poster of the Federation.

This Initiative Is The Need Of The Hour -Megastar Chiranjeevi In a pioneering move for India, an association is being established for digital creators, with the 'Telugu Digital Media Federation' proudly leading the charge. Padma Vibhushan awardee and Megastar from the Telugu Film Industry, Chiranjeevi expressed admiration for this initiative. "It is

groundbreaking to unite diverse content creators such as website writers, Instagram influencers, Twitter personalities, and meme creators. The overarching objective to provide them with guidance, health benefits, and facilitate collaborative partnerships—a venture unprecedented in its scope is highly appreciable" said Megastar Chiranjeevi after launching the website. He voiced his pride for spearheading this endeavour and conveyed his best wishes for the Federation's success, acknowledging the dedication of its founding members. TeluguDMF embodies an ethos anchored in WORK, WELFARE, and WEBBING, constituting a dynamic and all-encompassing platform designed to unleash the boundless creativity of its members, provide essential basic support systems like issue-resolving and medical insurance benefits, and cultivate invaluable connections within an expansive global network along with bringing accountability and authenticity to the creations.

Telugu DMF Announcement

"TeluguDMF serves as more than just a federation; it stands as a vibrant ecosystem where creative minds converge, synergize, and collectively propel Telugu digital content to unprecedented heights of excellence and recognition", affirms the founding members. TeluguDMF extends a heartfelt invitation to all creators to become integral participants in this groundbreaking initiative, where every like, share and comment serves as a catalyst for igniting the collective spirit of creativity and innovation. To propel the community toward new horizons of success and influence, for memberships and other details, reach out to: Warm regards, Founding Members,

Telugu DMF Logo

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